40 Pro Athletes Who Have Had Stem Cell Treatments

More and more athletes are turning to stem cell treatments because they offer a drug-free, non-surgical natural alternative for many injuries suffered during their careers. Athletes commonly suffer serious injuries that could potentially end their careers and cause them serious long-term health complications. Many have become dependent on pain killers, including opiods or turn to surgery to resolve those injuries. However, some have selected stem cell therapy, because these procedures are safer, less invasive than surgery, require little down time and have the potential to regenerate and repair soft tissue, bone and cartilage damage. Below is a partial list of the hundreds of professional athletes who have opted for stem cell treatments. 

Athletes and Their Stem Cell Treatments 

  1. Jarvis Green | Denver Broncos

In 2010, the NFL player Jarvis Green had stem cell treatment for his knees. Prior to this, Green had two knee surgeries, which both resulted in complications and long recovery periods. 

  1. Knowshon Moreno | Denver Broncos

In 2013 the running back for the Denver Broncos also had stem cell treatment for his knees.  

  1. Sidney Rice | Seattle Seahawks

Sidney Rice went to Switzerland for stem cell injections for his knees. 

  1. Hines Ward | Pittsburgh Steelers

Hines Ward was among one of the first athletes who turned to stem cell treatment for a speedy recovery. He had joint regeneration therapy using stem cell and prolotherapy. The treatment was for a knee medial collateral ligament sprain. 

  1. Adrian Clayborn | Atlanta Falcons

The defensive lineman for the Falcons underwent a knee surgery and used stem cell therapy to speed up his recovery. The surgery was for a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee. 

  1. Jamaal Charles | Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles had a torn anterior cruciate ligament on his knee and had ligament-repair surgery. His stem cell therapy involved extracting stem cells from his bone marrow and injecting them into his knee. 

  1. Rolando McClain | Oakland Raiders

Rolando McClain had been experiencing chronic pain in his knees for two years, and then he suffered a high ankle sprain. During his offseason, McClain had liposuctioned fat cells autologously injected into his knees. 

  1. Aaron Curry | Oakland Raiders

The Raiders’ linebacker injured both of his knees and then underwent stem cell treatment during his offseason. 

  1. Alex Rodriguez | New York Yankees

When Alex Rodriguez sustained a knee injury, he went to Germany for stem cell treatment. The procedure was a platelet-rich plasma therapy that was injected into Rodriguez’s knee. They also injected it into his shoulder to prevent future inflammation. 

  1. Josh Hamilton | Texas Rangers

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers had experienced swelling on his knee for a long time before he finally had stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injection. 

  1. Takashi Saito | L.A. Dodgers

The pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t want to risk his career by allowing surgery on his knees. Instead, he went for regeneration therapy using stem cell prolotherapy. 

  1. Kobe Bryant | L.A. Lakers

Kobe Bryant traveled to Germany to seek stem cell treatment from Dr. Peter Wehling for the degeneration of his knees. 

  1. Pau Gasol | San Antonio Spurs

Pau Gasol had a stem cell injection on his knee to remove degenerated tissue without surgery.  

  1. Chris Johnson | New York Jets

Chris Johnson sustained a meniscus injury on his left knee, but he continued to play through the season. The injury worsened and Johnson lost a lot of cartilage throughout the remainder of the season. He had stem cell therapy to accelerate his repair 

ACL and MCL Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes 

The three athletes below pursed stem cell therapies for ACL and MCL repair (ligaments within the human knee). 

  1. Tiger Woods | Professional Golfer
    The famous golfer confirmed in 2010 that he had undergone a stem cell treatment. He received joint regeneration therapy with platelet-rich-plasmainjections. 
  2. Stephen Curry | Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry had a grade-1 MCL sprain and consulted with his doctor regarding stem cell treatments and received PRP injections to help his recovery by reducing the inflammation and pain. 

  1. Terrell Owens |

The former NFL player went to South Korea’s Chaum Anti-Aging Center to seek treatment for an ACL injury. There, he had bone marrow-derived stem cell injections for ligaments, tendons, and joints. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Cartilage, Tendon, & Muscles 

The six athletes below pursed stem cell therapies to resolve cartilage, tendon, and muscle complications. 

  1. UcheNwaneri| Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jacksonville Jaguars guard sought stem cell treatment for cartilage regrowth in 2013.  

  1. Marquis Maze | Pittsburgh Steelers

Marquis Maze, the former University of Alabama receiver, had stem cell therapy for a muscle injury. The procedure was an autologous operation for his damaged joints and muscles. 

  1. LaRonLandry | Washington Redskins 

LaRon Landry missed a lot of games in 2012 due to an injury to his left Achilles tendon. Instead of seeking surgery he had PRP treatments for his torn tendon. 

  1. Cliff Lee | Philadelphia Phillies

Cliff Lee is one of the many athletes who using stem cell prolotherapy was able to avoid surgery. 

  1. Dara Torres | Olympic Swimmer

The Olympic swimmer had mild arthritis in her knees, which worsened due to her training. In 2009, she had an autologous chondrocyte implantation to regrow the cartilage cells on her kneecap. 

  1. IsraelDagg| Crusaders 

The veteran rugby player took a break from his career due to damaged knee cartilage. With the hope of reviving his career, he had stem cells injected into his right knee at a clinic in Queenstown. 

Elbow Stem Cell Treatments 

The three athletes below pursed stem cell therapies to resolve elbow injuries. 

  1. BartoloColon | New York Yankees 

Among the major league athletes, Bartolo Colon’s stem cell treatment has had some of the most coverage. He was sidelined due to a torn rotator cuff and elbow injury in 2005. He was then one of the first athletes to receive a stem cell transplant on his arm. 

  1. Andrew Heaney | L.A. Angels

Andrew Heaney went public about having stem cell treatments in 2016. He had a torn ulnar collateral ligament and received stem cell therapy to aid his recovery. 

  1. Garrett Richards | L.A. Angels

Garrett Richards had a torn elbow ligament and wanted to start surgery right away. Instead, the team’s physical therapist Bernard Li advised Richards to try stem cell treatments. In May 2017, stem cells were extracted from his bone marrow and injected into his elbow. 

Leg and Foot Stem Cell Treatments 

The four athletes below pursed stem cell therapies to resolve leg and foot injuries. 

  1. ChristianoRonaldo | Real Madrid 

The Real Madrid forward sustained a hamstring injury and tried stem cell treatment to hasten his recovery for their next game in Manchester.  

  1. Ahmad Bradshaw | New York Giants

The Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw underwent a foot surgery that involved having screws inserted into his foot for two fractures, which he regretted within the year. It wasn’t until 2011, when a new fracture occurred, that he decided to seek a different form of treatment. Instead of following through with the surgery, he tried stem cell injections to promote bone regrowth in his foot. In 2012, he had the screws taken out and played for the rest of the season. 

  1. Prince Amukamara | New York Giants

Prince Amukamara of the New York Giants sustained a broken bone in his left foot from training camp. For bone regeneration, he had stem cells harvested from his bone marrow and injected into his foot. 

  1. David Payne | Track & Field

The Olympic athlete David Payne suffered a shin injury while he was training for the Olympic trials in 2011. In an attempt to reach his optimum for the trials, he had stem cell therapy with PRP as a regenerative procedure. 

Other Types of Stem Treatments for Athletes 

The two athletes below pursed other types of stem cell treatments for athletic injuries. 

  1. Ray Lewis | Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis is another high-profile athlete who received a stem cell treatment for a sports-related injury. Lewis traveled all the way to Europe for stem cell therapy on his triceps. 

  1. Peyton Manning | Indianapolis Colts

The football star Peyton Manning suffered a neck related injury while playing ball. He traveled to Germany to undergo stem cell treatment, where stem cells from his fat cells were harvested and injected into his neck. 

Stem Cell Treatments Beyond Injuries 

The eight individuals below pursed stem cell therapies for conditions beyond sports-related injuries. 

  1. GordieHowe | Detroit Red Wings 

The hockey player Gordie Howe experienced a number of small strokes in 2014. At the age of 86, his right side had become paralyzed. Dr. McGuigan offered Howe and his family an experimental stem cell treatment. The procedure involved millions of neural stem cells injected into his spinal column. He started exhibiting results within days. 

  1. Jose Contreras | Philadelphia Phillies

Jose Contreras was suffering from chronic pain in his joints, and was among one of the first high-profile athletes to try PRP therapy as an alternative to surgery and other invasive procedures. 

  1. DaisukeMatzuaka| Boston Red Sox 

Daisuke Matsuzaka was the highly fought-for pitcher in 2006. He is also one of the major league athletes who had PRP therapy for painful joints. 

  1. A.J.FoytNascar Driver 

The 82-year-old Nascar driver joined his wife in seeking stem cell treatments to better their health and regain some youth. Foyt had adult stem cells injected into his blood, ankle, and shoulder. 

  1. Jack Nicklaus | Golf Legend

Jack Nicklaus is a golf legend with 120 professional tournament victories. He went through various medical procedures to help with his chronic joint pain and inflammation. In 2016, he tried stem cell therapy at the Isar Klinikum in Germany. The procedure used liposuctioned abdominal stem cells stained with Matrase to break down the fat tissue. 

  1. Rafael Nadal | Tennis Player

The tennis player Rafael Nadal had stem cell treatment for back ailments. Stem cells were injected into a joint in his spine to help repair the cartilage. He had also received a similar procedure for his knee the year before. 

39. Michael Schumacher | Formula One champion 

Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher received a stem cell infusion in an effort to treat complications sustained during a near-fatal brain injury that occurred in a 2013 skiing accident in the French Alps. After the brain injury occurred, Schumacher’s was placed in a drug-induced coma and doctors attempted to remove blood clots from his brain. Schumacher won a record 91 Formula One races before retiring in 2012. 

  1. Max Scherzer | Baseball Pitcher

Max Scherzer is a baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals, the Major League Baseball Team who won the 2019 World Series. A back injury he sustained mid-2019 has prevented him from pitching for the Washington Nationals since he last played on July 25. Scherzer had a stem cell injection for a strain in his shoulder and back and may have previously leveraged stem cells to treat a thumb injury. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes 

In the past stem cell therapies were only offered in certain countries and required harvesting the cells from one’s own body but now anyone can receive stem cell therapy here in the United States, safely and effectively with umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells. With more and more athletes exploring these types of treatments, they will play a growing role in the future of sports injuries at both the amateur and professional level. 

For those that want to learn more about stem cells for personal reasons, please call the Regenerative Medicine Center of Southern California for more information (805) 702-2500 

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