“Taking care of my body has always been a priority for me and I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 20 years. As a mom, it was only natural to make chiropractic treatment a part of my family’s healthy lifestyle. Dr. Laird is a healer and compassionate listener. We all have benefitted from the hands-on approach to health he has given our family.
Love – Cindy Crawford”

Dear Dr. Allan, Thank you for all you have done to support me, and for the genuine love and care you have extended to our patients. You are a true healer and an incredible doctor, and I consider it a great honor to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Dr. Adam Del Torto

I’m 68 yrs old. For 3 yrs I’ve suffered chronic/debilitating pain due to arthritic degeneration of lumbar vertebra & sacroilliacs. I was so depressed, defeated & barely able to walk into RegenMed’s office. My healthcare provider doesn’t provide lumbar treatment other than steroid shots, pain pills and tennis ball P.T.

When Dr Laird told my husband & I that he could reduce my pain by 80% I was only expecting a hopeful 50%. Dr Laird’s plan for me entails Stem Cell injections, an effective brace, chiropractic treatments, special diet & gentle exercise/P.T. I am almost 3 months in & I have had 9 days in a row practically pain free! UNBELIEVABLE! Best 9 days I’ve had in so long. I hope to be back Kayaking soon!

If you are in ANY pain, PLEASE DON’T WAIT! Regenerative Medicine Center is the only place to go. Dr Laird & his staff really care about every facet of a person’s well being.

Written by a very grateful Sandy E.

What separates Dr. Laird from the many chiropractors I’ve been to is he complements Eastern and Western therapies. A clear distinction of treatment he used on me was cupping. Along with his adjustment he gave a short massage to alleviate some pain I had come in with. He also used a vibration massager and used a percussion device to pin point certain areas. He’s a very kind gentleman who has genuine concerns about my well being. He has other staff who does accupuncture, massage therapy, a weight loss program, and even machine therapies for the brain similar to TMS. So it is a very complete place to get yourself recovered and maintain a healthy lifestyle. His receptionist was very kind and helpful as well.

Felix L.

Doctor is amazing and very friendly. Staff is generous and treats your with respect. This place is affordable to everyone. I have recommended Dr. to all my peers at work and family.

Christian L.

Dr Allan D. Laird is truly a miracle worker. I’ve been seeing other chiropractors that couldn’t get me feeling right but after seeing Dr Allan for only 6 weeks. I feel like I’m on a true road to recovery. He has saved me in the scariest time of my life. He gave me encouragement, practices, and treatments that helped! Plus he’s a great conversationalist and seems like a really good man.

Lex L.

Several months ago I was suffering head aches, dizziness, and vertigo. Dr. Laird ordered an x-ray which showed problems with my spine and neck area. Since I have had to resort to walking due to gyms and pools being closed, I believe my lack of upper body workout has weakened my muscles and to some extent caused this spinal/neck problem to be more acute. When I started my treatments with Dr. Laird I was a 10 on the pain scale and now just a 1-2 and sometimes with no pain at all. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Tate S.

Have always wanted to try chiropractic treatments. My neck and back stiffness were causing me troubles and Dr. Laird helped relieve months of discomfort. There arent enough stars to rate my experience.10/5 stars.

Christopher C.

I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Laird and his team. I would recommend them to everyone! Their team provides everything from chiropractic, health weight loss products which is great to bring down the inflammation that causes pain in our body, plus healthy quality vitamins, pain creams, PLUS they offer plasma replacement therapy shorts which are excellent for healing injuries like tennis elbow. Many clients also received Stem Cell Replacements. You shouldn’t look any further, this office has forever changed the quality of my life and I am so thankful for Dr. Laird and his practice. In my opinion he is the chiropractic whisperer.

Maureen F.

The experience was not what I have experienced with other chiropractic visits. I was pleasantly surprised. The appointment was not rushed. The care was professional and helpful. A lot of nice equipment. Dr. Laird was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this practice.

Penny B.

Dr. Laird’s office is a one stop visit for many of my needs. I can come and get a chiropractic adjustment, pickup some essential oils and vitamins. Dr. Laird takes the time to listen to all the aches and pains I have; Recommending the best treatment for them, Not the most expensive! Thank you for all your help!

Caterina M.

One visit at this clinic and you know you are going to be well cared for with a staff that goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and doctors that take the time to listen to your problems

Allan L.

Dr. Laird does everything in his power to make you feel safe. Trusted him to be my first ever chiropractic adjustment and couldn’t be happier with how much better I feel afterwards!

Allen Y.

Very knowledgeable and experienced. Friendly and professional staff.

Jesus S.

Gentle yet effective care and more than an adjustment. A holistic look at my health and well being.

Thomas J.